Shiloh Shepherd Sylvester

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Yellow Lab Cosmo


Flat Coated Retriever Tucker

Flat Coated Retriever Tucker


Shiloh Shepherd Makeeda

Shiloh Shepherd Makeeda


Black lab Midnight

Black Lab Super Aqua Dog Midnight


Husky Mix Fannie

Help A Husky Rescue Husky Mix Fannie The Fig Farmer


Shiloh Shepherd, Super Sweet Samantha


Yellow Lab Curry

Beach Dog Yellow Lab Curry


Border Collie

Soul full, Sensitive, Super Trooper Border Collie Jake


Mixed Breed

Spirited And Spunky yet Always a Lady Mixed Breed Katie


Yellow Lab

Yellow Lab., Little Ms. Independent Getti


Lab Mix Otis

Loyal to the end Lab Mix Otis


Mixed Breed Bella

Arf Rescue always by your side Bella


Golden Ret. Chester

Golden Boy Chester The Life of the Party


Orange and White Cat Lucky

Lucky lived up to his name!  The Oldest Cat I've Known!


Yellow Lab Mix Mardi

Yellow Lab Mix Mardi a good sport to the end


Border Collie Pepper

Pepper, Mr. Pep in his step!


Newfy Angus

Newfy Angus the biggest, sweetest boy.


French Bulldog Ralph

A face everybody loved, French Bulldog Ralph


Mixed Breed Vizsula- Lab Amelia

Miss Amelia a true water dog


Golden Retriever Max n Mixed Breed Gracie

Max & Gracie Looking up in honor of Dick Threlkeld


Mixed Breed Star

Always a super Star to me



Hampton- a Guiding Light


German Shepherd Mix Finney

Finney the finest kind and peaceful warrior


Arf Mixed Breed Gus

Arf Mixed Breed Gus, Mr. Personality, like his lovable Daddy


Maine Coon Cat Mickey

Maine Coon Mickey the coolest Cat :)


Poodle- Mini Noelle

Little Noel, the little white Angel of Love


Rottweiler Eli

Rottweiler Eli, the biggest, sweetest face!


White German Shepherd Marley- S.S. Aqua Dog Hydrotherap

Marley- determined, loyal, soulful, a true companion!


Yellow Lab Shelly

Yellow Lab Shelly, sweet, tennis ball coconut!


Golden Retriever Max

Golden Retriever Max doing what he loved to do:)


Belgian Sheepdog Chartu

Beautiful Belgian Sheepdog Chartu in his happy place.


Yellow Lab

Yellow Lab Mix Joy, my Golden Girl & swimming buddy for 6 joyous years.


Mixed Breed Otis

A breed on to his own, Otis a truly unique, so, so special guy!


Cat Lenin

Coolest cat ever Lenin, hope you found a comfortable spot next to Chartu!


Black Lab Cleopatra Queen Of East Hampton

Cleopatra Queen of EH, my queen keep afloat until we swim together again:)


Portuguese Water Dog Joy

My sweet Joy who let me roll her over again and again, you are missed!


Yellow Lab Hero n Black Lab Bits

A true Hero to all who knew and loved him


Mixed Breed Rosie

The wisest old soul Rosie


Chihuahua Max n Shiloh Shepherd Sylvester

Mighty Max you left large shoes to fill


Mixed Breed Finnish Spitz Shelby

Sweet Shelbers your strong personality will live on, at the ripe old age of 17 you are the S.S. Aqua Dog Sage!


Duck Tolling Retriever Colin

Colin your zest for life and Flipper will keep us swimming at S.S. Aqua Dog in your honor!


Puggle Baxter

Bax the 'Ambassadog' your strong personality will live on in all who met you, carry on and say hi to Sylvester!



Casey, you are so loved and missed in the neighborhood!  I know you will still make the rounds in many of our hearts


Black Lab Merlin

English Black Lab Merlin's loving eyes will watch over his family, rest assured


Mixed Breed Fergus

The infamous Mixed Breed Fergus's spirit, charisma and company will be missed by me especially. He kept me company in the water for almost 10 years!


Yellow Lab Gabby

Yellow Lab Gabby, aka 'the gabster', my strong girl, ball crazy and dear friend just like her proud momma, you are already missed!


Afgan Hound Goldie

Afghan Hound Goldie, your unique style and quiet ways touched me, thank you for letting me help you and know your daddy loves you!


Cocker Spaniel Mix Popichulo

Cute Cocker Spaniel Mix Popichulo always at Momma's side, will continue from above as a golden angel


Afgan Hound Kitty

The coolest cat, sweetest and cuddliest Afghan of them all Miss Kitty, snuggle the puppy


Black Lab Mulligan

Black Lab Mulligan lived in the lap of luxury in the life all Labs would dream of, forever will float over us keeping an eye on Cadbury too


Belgian Sheepdog getting Cold Laser Therapy

The sweetest boy JJ, I was honored to share your affection and help give you comfort. I am grateful to know you are resting at peace


Black Lab Skeeter

Mr. Independent-smarty pants Skeeter.  So nice to know you so relieved to know you lived life your way till the end, what a great mom, you lucky dog:)


Golden Retriever Buckley

The laid back, sweet boy Buckley with the best squeals.  Mr. Sunshine, you will be missed more than you can imagine.


Yellow Lab Annie

Sweet Annie, so good natured, so patient, such a great couch potato, you will always be in good company


Yellow Lab Phoebe

Always happy go lucky Yellow Lab Phoebe, I know you will always be your mommy's yellow angel


Chocolate Lab Ruby2

Ruby girl we will always see you running in the bay, swim on sweet girl, the neighborhood won't be the same without you


Yellow Lab Bear

Smiling from start to finish, I know you are smiling down on your mom and Doctor Logan and your girlfriends!!!  You are the best Bear!


Corgi Belle

Belle, thanks for taking such good care and company of your family sweet girl


Mixed Breed Benson

Benson thanks for being such a good brother and now please enjoy Fannie's company for us!


Chocolate Lab Charlie

Chocolate Lab Charlie as sweet as his name and one of my favorite names, you are love


Black Lab Alberto

My Knight in Shinning Fur!  Knight Alberto of Cadogon.  My Monkey Man, the best hugger ever, summers won't be the same without you.

We all miss you terribly already, please keep swimming on with my first favorite boy Sylvester Baywolf, then rest easy my luvs


Yorkie Mitch

Yorkie Mitch, such a sweet little sturdy soul in a more than pint size body.  Rest comfortably good boy, you were great company to your momma!


Rosie Beagle one of my absolute favorite success stories- from the vets who wanted to amputate if they didn't see movement to saving the leg and running and getting into trouble into old age:)  Your HUGE spirit in that little, mobile body will always be swimming inside my heart- xoxo


My King Ridley you lived life to the fullest and loved every last drop, swim on pain free and toys a aplenty, xoxo


This smile sums up Buddy for me, keeping smiling down on your family best boy Buddy


Sweetest, best brother and swim-watcher Logan, keep Bear company for us and keep shinning your love on your momma & baby Lenni


Elvis keep singing your song, you are a Corgi legend and will be missed by many


Carabella, whose eyes speak volumes & ears so big they don't fit in the picture, like her enormous personality, miss our conversations


Indy, your mellow, easy going, ray of sunshine ways filled me with warmth.  Luv how your family honored & loved you so, sleep easy, miss you already


Tina, sweet, happy, little girl, your mom's best friend, you are missed more then you can imagine, xoxo


Pookie, such a gentle, noble soul, unless you are a wild bore!  Run pain-free on the ridge, you are so loved


Special, beyond special Sampson, happiest, luckiest dog eva!  Irreplaceable, breathe easy Sammy, xoxo


Spirited, a warrior, soulful, sensitive & patient, my summers aren't the same without my swimming buddy, XO


End of an Era, the Spanish water dogs Extraordinare, Best Buddies Lali & Ella, go get that ball:)


Mixed Breed Terrier Mix Brisco the rescue & rescuer, keep loving from above!


German Shepherd Mix Dakota, sweet, soulful girl who's eyes & heart follow her family everywhere, you are missed


'King' Jack (on the left) with his buddy Tucker, watching over his dominion- 'Jack’s world, and we just live in it', happily!!!!

English Black Lab Skittles- not the best picture but how I see her, looking up smiling, hope she is now with Merlin looking out for us all, xoxo


French Bulldog Nalu, big personality in a little lady, momma, Kiapo & I miss you muchly already, rule the rainbow, xoxo


My swimming buddy, Yellow Lab Zadie, sweetest, most loveable & gone way too soon girl, watch over your momma angel, XO


Biggest Goldendoodle Tucker. with a heart for his mom & her's even larger than his,

with a personality larger than life, you will live on


My long lashed girl SCW Terrier Sydney, with her tush up the wall to tell exactly were she wants me to rub! 

Strikes her pose in tiny Izzy's bed so I could baby her.  Tell Reggie hi, miss you already, xoxo


Miracle dog Pal, you beat the odds & now your preserverence to live on will live within your family's heart forever,

honored to know ya my little lamb

Carolina Cur Jessie, one of my personal favorites as she was one of my dog Splash's friends. 

Heaven just gained another good one, play again girls, xoxo


Mixed Breed Oatie- Splash's first boyfriend.  Run free Oatie you deserve it!


Black Lab Marshal as I see him, seeing me! The best trooper, most patient, kind, caring- gone too soon Marshalicious


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